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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer. 1. On the Navigation Bar, what selections will let you set up an inventory item? A. Inventory & Services Navigation Center, link to Edit vendor items B. Inventory & Services Navigation Center, click on the Receive Inventory icon and select View and Edit Purchases C. Inventory & Services Navigation Center, click on the Inventory Items icon and select New Inventory Item D. Vendors and Purchases Navigation Center, click on the Vendors icon and select View and Edit Vendors 2. Before you begin Chapter 4, you could restore which of the following backups? A. Chapter 3.ptb B. Exercise 3-2.ptb C. Exercise 2-2.ptb D. Exercise 3-1.ptb 3. The Franklin Botanical Gardens job involves a special circumstance. What is it? A. It is an apartment complex with surrounding gardens. B. It’s a new building overlooking a park. C. It’s a hotel near the airport. D. It’s a renovation of a very damaged building. 4. In order to see how Mr. Hardman’s charges were billed to a customer, you need to click the arrow next to the Apply Tickets/Expenses selection on the _______ window. A. New bill B. Time/Expense, Expense tickets C. Purchase/Receive Inventory D. Sales/Invoicing 5. Marie needs to find expenses and revenues recorded over a period of time. Where should she look? A. The departmental gross profit report B. A retained earnings statement C. A balance sheet D. The income statement 6. The Edit menu allows you to A. delete recorded entries. B. copy. C. paste. D. find transactions. 7. After completing the exercises in Chapter 5, restore the backup _______ to start Chapter 6. A. Chapter 5-2.ptb B. Exercise 5.ptb C. Exercise 5.ptb D. Exercise 5-1.ptb 8. To display the Job Profitability Report, what selections should you make? A. From Tasks; Inventory Adjustments, select Report. B. From Reports & Forms; Jobs, select Job Lists, then select Preview. C. From Reports & Forms; Jobs, select Job Profitability Report, then select Display. D. From Reports & Forms; Payroll, select Jobs Profitability Report, then select Display. 9. To display the size of your backup file, you can use the program A. Windows Explorer. B. Defrag. C. ScanDisk. D. Windows Accessories. 10. If your GL Account columns and A/P Account field are not displayed on the Purchases/Receive Inventory window, what can you do? A. Accounting Behind the Screens cannot be changed. B. Click on Options; Global and uncheck the boxes in the Hide General Ledger Accounts section. C. Check the maintenance menus. D. Reset the defaults in the Accounting Behind the Screens selection. 11. Mr. Hardman is paid according to which method? A. Salaries rate – biweekly B. Salaried – monthly C. Hourly – Time Ticket Hours D. Biweekly – Time Ticket Hours 12. The Vendor Ledgers Report is another name for the A. Accounts Payable open items report. B. Accounts Payable subsidiary ledger. C. Inventory subsidiary ledger. D. Accounts Receivable subsidiary ledger. 13. Bellwether Garden Supply’s Account No. _______ is their Payroll Checking. A. 10100 B. 10200 C. 10400 D. 10300 14. A list of all the accounts used by a company showing an identifying number for each account is called a/an A. chart of accounts. B. Inventory Journal. C. balance sheet. D. Subsidiary ledger. 15. The standard sales discount for Bellwether Garden Supply is _______ if paid within 10 days. A. 1% B. 5% C. 3% D. 2% 16. To back up your work in Chapter 4, before completing the end-of-chapter exercises, your textbook recommends that you use which file name? A. Chapter 4 B. Exercise 3-1 C. Chapters 3 and 4 D. Chapters 1 through 4 17. To enter a sales invoice, what actions do you take on the Navigation Bar? A. From theCustomers & Sales Navigation Center, click on the Sales Invoices icon and select Set Up Invoice Defaults. B. From the Tasks bar, select Purchases/Receive Inventory. C. From the Customers & Sales Navigation Center, click on the Sales Invoices icon and select New Sales Invoice. D. From the Inventory & Services Navigation Center, click on the Invoice icon, and select View and Edit Invoices. 18. In Bellwether Garden Supply, vendors are set up using A. a coding system. B. defaults. C. eight characters only. D. first names only. 19. What selections let you set up specific guidelines for individual employees? A. From the Employees & Payroll Navigation Center, select Employees, View and Edit Employees. B. From Maintain; Default Information, select Employees. C. FromTasks; Payroll, select the employee. D. From Tasks; Select for Payment, select the employee. End of exam 20. The start date for the Franklin Botanical Gardens job is _______, 2015. A. February 3 B. January 3 C. March 4 D. March 3