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team building and why it is an important skill for managers and leaders.

Team Building

In this assignment, you will learn about team building and why it is an important skill for managers and leaders.

Identify two groups you belong to or have belonged to; the groups can be personal or work-related.

Based on your observations of how the groups function and the interactions among the groups’ members, answers to the following questions:

• What was the composition of each group?
• What types of groups were they?
• Were the values and mission of the group apparent? How?
• Were the operational objectives or mission of the group supported by the individuals? How?
• What were the attitudes of individual members to being a part of a group? Were they committed and compliant? Were they resistant?
• Was there a leader and was the leader effective? What made the leader effective or ineffective?
• Do you feel the leader was respectful of group’s members? Why or why not?
• How would you rate the communication effectiveness of the group? Explain.
• What motivated you to join the group and stay with or leave it? Explain.
• What role did you play in the group?
• Was the group cohesive? What made it cohesive or noncohesive?
• Were there any barriers to collaboration? If so, what were they?
• Would you consider these groups to be successful? If so, what characteristics of a successful group did they possess? If not, which characteristics did they lack?

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