Briefly describe the nonprofit organization: Young Life.

Review Chapter 23 in the course text Achieving Excellence in Fundraising, focusing on the importance of gift acknowledgement and saying thank you in fundraising.

  • Review Chapter 6 in the eBook Nonprofit Essentials: Endowment Building, and view the course media “Resource Development Process: Appreciation.” Focus on ways to appropriately acknowledge gifts and recognize donors.
  • Review the online article “Expand Your Program: Stewardship,” and think about effective ways to thank major gift donors.
  • Reflect on the nonprofit organization you are using for your Final Project, and think about what factors might be important to consider before choosing appreciation strategies for donors.
  • Think about appreciation strategies for donors who give small to medium gifts and for those who give major gifts. Then select at least two appreciation strategies you would use with donors from each group (for a total of four strategies).
  • Think about whether a material thank you gift is the best appreciation strategy for your fundraising cause.
  • Consider how the application strategies you selected might impact the donor–organization relationship.

The assignment (2–3 pages):

  • Briefly describe the nonprofit organization: Young Life.
  • Describe at least two factors you would consider when selecting appreciation strategies for your donors, and explain why.
  • Describe at least two appreciation strategies you might use to appreciate donors who make small to medium contributions and two appreciation strategies you might use to appreciate major donors. Explain why each strategy is particularly relevant to the donors at the organization you chose.
  • Explain how the appreciation strategies you described might help enhance the donor–organization relationship.