Discuss the findings of your Ecological Footprint

Discuss the findings of your Ecological Footprint Quiz.

  • Were you surprised by the results? Were there questions that surprised you? Explain in detail why or why not.
  • Why do you think the calculator asked about what percentage of processed, packaged, not locally grown food you eat?
  • What other factors should the calculator have taken into account when determining an ecological footprint?

APA Format- Answer all Questions in 250 Words.

Part 2

Using the Case Example of Clean Air Act or a specific example of your own, address some of the following questions in your discussion of economic development versus environmental regulation:

  • What is the environmental/economic conflict in your opinion?
  • What are the specific values, politics, and economics that come into play?
  • Do you feel relaxation of environmental regulation is necessary for continued economic development?
  • Does the U.S. have a competitive disadvantage because of environmental regulations?
  • In the specific example you chose, do the advantages of environmental regulations (e.g., reduction in air pollution, water pollution, limitation on harvest of natural resources, etc.) outweigh any competitive gain?

Part 3

Discuss water conservation and water supply by responding to the questions below.

Water Conservation  Water conservation is key to reaching a sustainable water balance. Please respond to these questions:
  • What is your perspective on the availability and use of water in your area? (“Your perspective on water differs whether you live near the Great Lakes, in the arid west, or by the coast.”(McCarthy, 2009)
  • Outline a brief water conservation plan for your own daily use. How will these changes affect your personal life? What impact will it have on your local water supply?
Water Supply In order to supply water to humans certain technologies must be utilized. Pick one of the following water supply solutions that you think should be pursued and describe the pros and cons of the solution and why you chose it. Use reference sources in your research and discussion.
  • Reclaimed/ Recycled Water
  • Desalination
  • Dams and diversions