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Discuss the procedures used in the examination of firearms evidence.

For this Assignment, you will write about LeRoy Karas’ ecomap that you submitted in Unit 8. In your paper, you will summarize and evaluate the influences of the environment on LeRoy’s behavior.

Include the following in complete sentences based on the eco-map you submitted on LeRoy Karas:

1.For your introduction, provide a one paragraph summary about LeRoy. Give a brief history of his life.

2.For your second paragraph, based on your ecomap of LeRoy, explain the strongest influences on his behavior.

3.In your third paragraph explain how LeRoy’s ecomap might change as he transitions from middle adulthood to late adulthood. Include information about either Levinson’s life structure theory or Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development to explain the transitions LeRoy is experiencing.

4.Your fourth paragraph should be about your own prejudices or biases. Answer the following questions in paragraph four:

•If you were working with LeRoy, do you think you would have any prejudices or biases toward any of the systems affecting his behavior?

•If so, what would they be and how would you handle them?

•What stereotypes and misconceptions would you have to consider? (Be sure to use the information on ethics from the National Organization of Human Services and refer to it in your answer.)

5.In your fifth and concluding paragraph, explain what you might learn in terms of your own behavior from working with LeRoy or another client similar to him. What attitudes or behaviors often change within you as a result of working with people and helping others?


Zastrow , C & Kirst-ashman , K. (2013).  Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment. (9th ed.). Canada: Linda Schreiber-Ganster.

3 page:

In 3 pages, including title page and reference page, respond to the following questions:

•Explain the value of footprint or footwear evidence, how to preserve and photograph the evidence, and how to cast the impressions.

•Discuss the procedures used in the examination of firearms evidence.

Use materials from the text and/or any outside resources to support your response.


Fisher., and Barry A. J.. Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, Eighth Edition, 8th Edition. CRC Press, 2012. VitalBook file.

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