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Review your plan, making note of the ethical features of your strategy.

Still use the brisban case this is a continuation.This week you will examine your proposed strategy from an ethics/social responsibility perspective. Does your plan support the beliefs, ethics, and business practices that will make the company successful for the long-term? How do other companies view the ethics and business practices of your company?

This assignment is an opportunity to look at your plan from a values and ethics perspective. While there is not a specific “ethics” section in an organizational strategic plan, your implementation process may provide insight as to what you believe are workable business practices to achieve your goals.

Complete a Project Progress Report and submit it to your instructor by the end of the week.


  1. Review your plan, making note of the ethical features of your strategy.
  • What are the strongest ethical dimensions of your plan? Link your strategies to specific ethical principles or core values of the organization.
  • Are there any questionable practices that you are championing to achieve success?
  • Are there alternative actions you could take to implement your plan in a more ethical or socially responsible way?

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