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A brief overview of your intervention and how students will benefit

Instructions: For this assignment, you will write a method paper than contains the items listed in the content below.


The assignment needs to include the following areas of content.

  • Intervention – Overview (.5 points): In no more than one page, explain your proposed intervention.
  • Intervention – Literature Review (1 point): In no more than one page, discuss your literature review and how it informs your proposed intervention.
  • Intervention – Benefits (.5 points): In no more than one page, explain why you think your population will benefit from the intervention. Ensure your explanation draws on the literature you are using to support this choice of intervention.
  • Intervention Plan (2 points): In one- to two-pages, describe in chronological order how you will implement your intervention and provide a hypothetical yet practical timeframe for these steps.
  • Ethics – Philosophy (.5 points): In one- to two-paragraphs, explain how this intervention fits within your philosophy of teaching. You may have written a philosophy in EDU623 or another prior course.
  • Ethics – Social Principles (.5 points): In one- to two-paragraphs, explain how this intervention relates to your social principles as an educator.
  • Ethics – Harm (1 point): In one- to two-paragraphs, explain how the literature you reviewed leads you to believe what you are doing is an appropriate intervention.
  • Ethics – Protection (.5 points): In one- to two-paragraphs, explain your planned measures to ensure you are protecting the study participants and doing no harm.
  • Ethics – Bias (.5 points): In one- to two-paragraphs, explain your planned measures to ensure the study yields unbiased results.
  • Data Collection Procedures (1 point): In one page, revise your triangulation matrix from the Week Three Triangulation discussion adding a column that includes how and when you will collect your data. This timeline will be hypothetical and approximate. The Data Collection Procedures section can follow this example:


Research Questions Data Collection Tool Why this tool? Justify its use in your study. How does it match with what you are attempting to find and to measure? Timeframe:

How and when data will be collected.

What are students’ perceived confidence levels with learning new math concepts through digital/virtual learning forums exclusively? One


assessment Likert survey


 Allows students to rate their level of perceived confidence with learning math concepts through digital or virtual learning forums as opposed to a live teacher. Provides multiple question types to gather wider breadth of potential student concerns. Phase 1:

Given for up to first three days of study depending upon attendance in the first 15 minutes of class-computer lab.


Written Communication

The assignment needs to adhere to the following areas for written communication.


  • Page Requirement (.5 points): The assignment must be four to six pages, not including title and references pages.
  • APA Formatting (.5 points): Use APA formatting consistently throughout.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (.5 points): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and be very easy to understand.
  • Source Requirement (.5 points): Use no less than two scholarly sources in addition to the course textbooks, providing compelling evidence to support ideas. All sources on the reference page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.

Consider first, the written assignment from above.  Following the same outline, in a seperate document with less detail at this point, share your intervention plan with the class including:

  1. Your research question(s)
    • What do you want to answer in the study?
  2. A brief overview of your intervention and how students will benefit
    • This reinforces your identified problem.
  3. How you propose to implement it
    • How much time will it take and in what sequence?
  4. The ethical considerations you will address
    • “None” is not an option. There are always ethical considerations, some smaller/larger than others.
  5. How you plan on collecting data
    • Both quantitative and qualitative?


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