with a topic sentence that discusses the counter argument

In this Individual Project, you will finalize your essay. You will begin with the draft you completed for your Phase 3 Individual Project. In Phase 4, you were able to discuss the needed revisions to your essay. Now it is time to submit your final draft for your Phase 5 Individual Project. Keep in mind that this final draft should be an updated, revised version from what you submitted in Phase 3. Be sure you have completed the following prior to submitting the final draft of your essay:

  • Make changes based on feedback from your instructor. You must revise the essay you submitted for your Phase 3 Individual Project.
  • Add additional details or examples to better develop your argument.
  • Proofread your essay.

Consider submitting your essay to Smarthinking for additional feedback. Find Smarthinking on the Learning Center page in the Virtual Campus. Use the Writing Center within Smarthinking to upload your paper for review. Review takes up to 24 hours, so plan time to get your review back and revise based on their suggestions. Contact your instructor or the library if you have any difficulty with this process.

Use the CTU Style guide to help you format your in-text citations and reference page entries.

Your Individual Project should contain the following:

  • An introduction with a clear thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs with topic sentences that support your thesis
  • Supporting information in the form of quotes or paraphrased passages with in-text citations
  • Body paragraph(s) with a topic sentence that discusses the counter argument
  • A meaningful conclusion that recaps the main point of the argument and summarizes the ideas
  • A reference page with a minimum of 3 reliable sources cited using APA format (following the CTU Style Guide requirements)

In addition to these structural guidelines your individual project should also contain the following:

  • A cover page
  • Headers
  • Page numbers
  • Be double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font.

Please submit your assignment.


Phase 5 Individual Project Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Includes an introduction with specific thesis statement that relates to prompt


Includes a minimum of three separate paragraphs to support thesis


Uses topic sentences for each body paragraph that connect to thesis


Develops body paragraphs with specific details and support.


Organizes body paragraphs using logical arrangement of details


Includes a conclusion that summarizes main idea of the essay


Uses 3 references to support argument


Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively


Uses APA format to format essay and cite sources


Revised essay based on feedback from Phase 3 first draft