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How does diet differ among regions

Cartoon description: (Attached) Man ordering at a restaurant: “I’ll have the monster triple burger with cheese and giant fries…oh..and a diet cola. I’ve got to watch my weight!” PART 1: Look at the above cartoon. What is this saying about how we eat? I’d like you to discuss the typical diet of people in the U.S. or another MDC compared to a less developed country (LDC) you choose (for example, U.S. compared to Haiti). How does diet differ among regions (i.e. urban-to-rural, south-north-east-west, poor-to-wealthy communities, etc)? Why does it differ? Are there “S.P.E.E.C.H. reasons? Use material from Chapter 6, web research, life experience and other information to back your position. PART 2: Do diseases only impact an individual – or can they impact a community or population? Give an example and some details about a disease outbreak in your area, past or present, real or potential. How can local policies or local public health systems reduce risk to their community? Use material from Chapter 7, web research, life experience and other information to back your position. Attachments:

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