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reasons why surveillance is a good idea and 2 reasons why it’s a bad idea.

Submit this assignment by attaching a Word file or copy and pasting your answer into the text box. Please make sure to provide your answers to all 4 steps.

1 – Respond to the video above by coming up with 2 reasons why surveillance is a good idea and 2 reasons why it’s a bad idea.

2 – Come up with an argument for or against surveillance (example: Perhaps it’ll keep us safe, etc.)

3 – Come up with a counter-argument to the argument you formulated in step 2 (example: Perhaps it’ll lead to identity theft, etc.)

4 – Following the counter-argument paragraph method you’ll use in Essay 3, put your counter-argument (example: it’ll lead to identity theft) against your argument (example: It keeps us safe) and either accommodate or refute your counter-argument. If you need additional help, see the Essay 3 map and THIS reading. This final step should be a few sentences.



Please watch the video and answer the questions!!!!

if you can not open the adress of the website, plz try find it in youtube!!!  Also, the name of this video in youtube call ” The NSA and surveillance … made simple – animation”


I hope you can find the right video.

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