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instructor approved U. S. publicly traded corporation

Create a 15-20 minute, 15-20 slide presentation about a instructor approved U. S. publicly traded corporation.  The following information should be covered:


Brief Company History

Stock Symbol

12 month stock price activity

Most current audited annual financial statements(provide instructor printed copy 1 week in advance):


Income Statement

Retained Earnings Statement

Cash Flow Statement

one Video / audio slide


Do a vertical and horizontal analysis for the current and previous year Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

Complete Six different ratios


Compare the ratios, Sales, Net Income, Gross Profit, Assets, Current Assets, Non Current Liabilities and Total Liabilities with two different competitors.


Describe any unethical behavior in their past and/or SOX related issues.


Discuss which company is the best investment for us.




Must be completed by within 24 hours of handshake


fully animated slides and one video / audio slide, with transitions and eye popping graphics.


must use Medbox for company


must include the slides and full submitable notes… NON plagerized..