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justification report

Part 3 of the justification report will be due on August 19th before 11:59 pm.   I will post  both a example of the justication report template as well as the actual assignment that need to be completed.  The assignment need to be single spaced that will include a total of 6 references. My instructor told me I was suppose to already have 4 but only have 3 in the last assignment.   I need a additional 3 references included so it will total up to 6 refernces on part 3.  Also, on the last assignment of part 3, I will need to add a voice-over to my  Power Point presentation that will explain the whole justisfication report.  Are you aware of voice over?  If so, please let me know soon as possible.  My instructor told student they don’t have to actually use their own voice.  The final assignment will not be due until about 2 weeks.  Justification report part 3 is due next week on August 19th before 11:59.   If you have any further questions, please contact me soon as possible.  I really love the quality work you offer students.  You are awesome Kim.  I would recommend any of my classmates to you.    Thanks for all of your hard work!

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