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People have very different worldviews

People have very different worldviews. This difference is a central topic in Chapter 13. In this essay, think back to whether you have ever had a clash of worldviews. What was it and how was it resolved? Based on the strategies covered in the chapter, how would you deal with the clash differently? The purpose of this essay is to apply correctly the key concepts, principles, and suggestions from Chapter 13 to conflicts in your life

In 250-500 words, write a brief essay in which you apply key concepts and suggestions from Chapter 13 to your own life situation, past, present, or future. The Objectives and Key Terms at the top of Chapter 13 identify the key concepts in the chapter. Address the following questions in your essay:

• Define and explain two key concepts from the reading that stood out to you; please include page numbers, cite from the textbook, and end the essay with a reference to the textbook (citations/ references should be in APA style).

• Include suggestions the authors make that would help you better manage conflicts (again include page numbers and references to the textbook)

• Then explain how you could use the concepts that you identified to better manage a conflict in the past, present, or future.

Your essay must meet the following criteria:

• Minimum/maximum (250-500 words) limit

• Identified 2 key concepts per chapter, defined, and explained them (key concepts are printed in bold in the text).

• Identified at least one suggestion from the chapter.

• Cited the text (with page numbers) and referenced it at the end of the essay.

• Written in the APA style using the correct grammar and spelling


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