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The U.S. Constitution.

Prepare: Prior to beginning your reflection this week, complete all course readings, your introduction, and the Discussion, “The U.S. Constitution.”


Reflect Icon Reflect: Once you have completed these assignments think about how American politics have and could affect your career aspirations. The Founding Fathers created an amazing governmental structure that affects almost every aspect of our lives even today. For instance, if you are a criminal justice major, what parts of the U.S. Constitution are applicable to what you are learning in your major? If you are a business major, which branch of government – executive, legislative, or judicial – has, or will have, the greatest influence on your business ambitions? If you are a political science major, how does separation of powers in the U.S. government affect the operations of most economic, social, and political processes throughout the United States?


Write Icon Write:  In your initial post, based on your current academic major (declared or not), complete one of the following: •Describe which actions of the Founding Fathers are continuing to affect your future career goals.


•Discuss how separation of powers is influencing your current or future job.


•Explain why checks and balances are important to know in your future employment positions.


•Expound on how the Constitution is still relevant to the career you want to pursue


Fully respond to all parts of the prompt and write your response in your own words. Support your position with APA citations from two or more of the assigned resources required for this discussion. Please be sure that you demonstrate understanding of these resources, integrate them into your argument, and cite them properly. Your initial post should be 200 to 250 words.


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