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what are significant non cash activities?

4 questions total: 2 in accounting and 2 in employment law. These questions are not related and should be answered separately with the correlating question number on top. References are required.



Now, what are significant non cash activities? How do you present them in the cash flow statement. Access the cash flow statements of a company on the web and discuss what significant non cash activities it has reported? Please let me know if you have any questions.

Q2-See attachment




See for “Obama Administration Unveils Proposed FLSA Overtime Changes”. These changes will have a significant impact on employer’s costs. In addition what other impact might these changes mean for an employer?



The national healthcare landscape is in a state of change and based on the concept of “Obama Care” or the implementation of the Affordability Healthcare Act, we may be experiencing even more change in the future when it is fully implemented. Unfortunately the early implementation of the Act has been rife with problems with individuals accessing information on the government’s web site to enroll. The Act has presented even more impetus for employers to look at their benefits package and attempt to control the escalating costs which obviously has an impact on their bottom line and what they can offer to employees in the future. As an example, recently it was reported that several national restaurant chains announced that they will be cutting back hours on some of its staff in order to avoid having to provide health insurance for them. Comments?

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