write a marketing speech to be given at an industry event to highlight your approach.

You are the vice president of marketing for Eco-Friendly Nursery, a small, newly formed nursery that specializes in raising and selling environmentally friendly plants and flowers to flower shops locally, as well as to walk-in customers. Using only organic pesticides and environmentally friendly procedures, your company prides itself on the way its green methods are changing the way nurseries are run throughout the area and eventually the world. You have been asked by Mr. Johnson, owner of Eco-Friendly Nursery, to write a marketing speech to be given at an industry event to highlight your approach.


For this assignment, you will draft a three- to five-page speech that will discuss marketing in an entrepreneurial context for Eco-Friendly Nursery.

You will not actually deliver a speech, but your paper should be constructed as if you were going to do so. You should focus on what you did throughout the start-up process and why, not just recite material from the text.

Be sure to listen to Mr. Johnson, the owner, and Ms. Samantha Smith, the chief horticulturist, because they will describe some of the content they would like to see expressed in your upcoming speech. The information given by these two will not outline all of the criteria that should be included, so you can be creative and add whatever you desire within reason and consistent with the Eco-Friendly Nursery mission and the knowledge gained in this course.


Mr. Joe Johnson, founder and owner of Eco-Friendly Nursery 


Thanks for coming to this meeting. Before we begin, let me tell you how impressed we were with your marketing analysis report you did a few weeks ago. I am sure you will do well on this assignment, too.

As you know, we do things differently at our company, and we have amazing products that are grown in a very environmentally friendly way. Thanks in part to your great market analysis, we have found rapid success. As a result, I have been invited to give a speech on entrepreneurial marketing.

This speech should focus on the entrepreneurial nature of our marketing approach. Although we have an amazing product and a great marketing plan that we want everyone to learn about, this speech should highlight what we did in the past few months and the approach we took.

First, in the introduction of the speech, please describe how we view marketing (definition, steps, purpose, and process) and how we view marketing in the context of a new venture as being different from traditional corporate marketing. This part is critical for the audience to understand.

Then describe the processes we used for idea sourcing and scanning, assessing environmental forces, opportunity evaluation, and business modeling.

After that, point out the various methods we used to become intimately familiar with the market and what we learned through this research process.

The last part of this speech, from my perspective, is to show how we conducted an in-depth customer and competitive assessment and analysis, listing what data and insights this yielded for us to help guide the business. In doing this, how did we segment the market? Discuss our process and method selected, the results, how and why we selected the target we selected, and how our firm is positioning the product and why.

That is all I have for the first part of the speech. Samantha will talk with you about the product and branding requirements that she feels are important to include, as well.

I am heading to another meeting, so I will let you and Samantha chat. Have a great day, and I look forward to reading your speech.


Ms. Samantha Smith, Chief Horticulturist 

Thanks, Mr. Johnson. We have been friends for several years, and I have never met anyone better at running the day-to-day operations of a world-class nursery.

As he just mentioned, I want to talk about the part of the speech that discusses our product and branding strategies.

In this part, please provide an overview of the product—specifically, the characteristics—and discuss our competitive advantage in the industry.

Once you have done this, you can explain how we branded the product and discuss our plan to build brand equity.

After this, you should end your speech with the last three Ps. We already spent time talking about the environmentally friendly product; now we should end with a discussion on the promotion tactics, pricing, and distribution plan.

As you may realize, there is much to discuss in our marketing speech, but the reward to explain our strategies to other marketing executives will create tremendous buzz for our company.

Good luck on creating the speech.