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discussing certain qualities that are key to the success of a local hospital in which I am employed as a nurse

* 12 pt font

* times new roman or ariel

* double spaced

* 1″ margins all around

* one side only.

* paragraph first line indent 5 spaces

* apa format

*3 pages


Description of paper:

This is a paper discussing certain qualities that are key to the success of a local hospital in which I am employeed as a nurse. It should include how to show service excellence in taking care of patients and how to treat your coworkers in a hospital environment. This paper should be written from the standpoint of a nurse. 4 core values that should be covered are:

1) Value of caring, our professionals don’t focus solely on our jobs, we embrace opportunities to respond with compassion offering not only medical care but also personal, emotional and responsive caring to the needs of our patients. 2) Value of the person, in life’s most profound moments our people are commited to sharing a genorousity of spirit wih each individual patient and cheerfully offering courtesy, resilience, and respect. 3) Value of quality, For more than 100 years we have been the choice for medical excellence. Our mission requires us to have highly skilled personnel in a  spectrum of advanced technology. 4) Value of integrity, we expect people who are part of our family to display honesty, wisdom, discipline, and an intense desire to accept the responsibility of care for patients and their families

The last of the core values is most important. Please emphasize on this the most, and how it is important to focus on this in order to stay on task at work, and not get mixed up in any drama amongst other employees.

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