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Identify a potential healthcare business interest.

Compose a 700 – 950 page paper in which you:

  • Identify a potential healthcare business interest.
  • Discuss what measures you would utilize to evaluate the financial health of the business/venture.



  1. Paper must be written in US Standard English (No odd, british grammar, phrasing), free from errors. AND PLAGIARISM
  2. You must choose a US healthcare business like a private clinic, medical company. Describe it in 2-3 lines and then follow the essay prompt.
  3. Do NOT use first person..must be written in a professional manner at a Masters/graduate level. This is for aManagerial Finance MBA class pertaining to Healthcare.
  4. Use the attached textbook for reference and to use various financial tools to assess business performance.
  5. I need to see a great PREVIEW of the essay in order to make sure it meets criteria.
  6. Double-spaced, Times new roman 12 font.
  7. Please reach out to me if something is not clear before you proceed further. And consult me along the way so you don’t end up wasting your time.

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