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Research on Julia Alvarez

Research on Julia Alvarez and answer the questions below.  Based on your research on Julia Alvarez, what were her  struggles and then talk about her journey to becoming a successful writer.  Based on her book YO! what information can we get out of this novel that shows us her journey and struggles to become a succesful writer?


In a few sentence write the thesis? hightlight this


In a few sentence write the Introduction. Italic the introduction


In a few sentence write the outline, what your going to talk about and what will be included in the body paragraphs.


In a 6 page paper, write about Julia Alavrez journey on becoming a succesful writer, her struggles, her family, being a minority, being a women, what were some of her challenges she faced being from the Dominican Republic, etc.  Each BODY PARAGRAPH should talk about each struggles and have a good transition onto the next paragraph.

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