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Technical Briefing

Technical Briefing (narrated PowerPoint): Create a 5–7-minute multimedia technical briefing based on the highlights of your formal report. You will record your presentation using the audio narration function within PowerPoint. You will need a headset microphone. The directions are located in Doc Sharing. The file is labeled Creating Audio Recording in Powerpoint.docx.

You should create eight to 10 highly effective slides. The following details apply.

How many slides? Your PowerPoint slides should align with and support the points of the

thesis. A good rule of thumb is approximately two to three slides per main point of your

report or proposal. You also need a title slide that appears during your introduction and a

slide that appears during the conclusion of your presentation. This adds up to approximately

eight to 10 slides.

Slide design: Use a business- or professional-design template with appropriate font styles,

sizes, and colors. PowerPoint has choices. Keep fonts consistent and easy to read. Follow

the design principles for visual aids found in your text and in the Week 7 Lecture.

Slide content: Write full-sentence headlines that summarize or synthesize the content in

the slide body and tell a coherent story from start to finish. Bullet slide copy with words or

short phrases; do not put in paragraphs of text.

Visuals within the PowerPoint: You are required to include a minimum of two visuals

within your slides. More is better. Clip art (cartoon-type images, etc.) is not acceptable.

Good visuals include charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, maps, screenshots, photos, and

other images that add meaning and value to the presentation and make the information

easier to comprehend for the audience.

Presentation time frame of 5–7 minutes: Remember to preview and review. When we

make oral presentations, we always tell the audience where we are taking them, and then

end with a summary of where we have been. So, for your presentations, preview your main

areas or points in the opening, and then review those same points in your closing to

reinforce the messages and signal the ending of the speech.

Submit the final presentation to the Week 7 Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

Submit the final report with cover letter and appendix to the Week 7 Course Project Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

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