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Address some aspect of U.S. history between the end of the World War II (1945) and the present.

Video Review must address some aspect of U.S. history between the end of the World War II (1945) and the present.


If you choose to view multiple videos, the videos must focus on a similar topic. For example, you could watch 2 videos on Theodore Roosevelt or Apollo 11. In the review, you will properly cite the video(s) at the top and write a full, 1-page summary.


You will then identify 3 scholarly books from ex: WorldCat (, 3 scholarly articles using JSTOR, Academic Search Complete, Academic OneFile, and 3 reputable websites to create a bibliography related to the topic of the video.



  1. You must follow the format of the sample review that is available on Blackboard. Those who do not follow that format will be graded accordingly.
  2. The summary must be typed and doubled-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and be 1 page.
  3. You must place numbers at the bottom of each page.
  4. Each source in the bibliography must be single-spaced with an extra space between each source.
  5. With very few exceptions, the best reviews in this course will be the ones that undergo several revisions. In your revisions, check for grammatical errors, organizational problems, and the persuasiveness of your arguments.

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