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Heart Disease, Stress Management

FINAL DUE Friday Saturday August 15th 2015

There will not be any make ups available.

Choose a topic on any of the chapters that we have covered. Chapters 1-15

Create a 7 page slide  powerpoint  presentation on the on a topic, for example Heart Disease, Stress Management. (The first slide with your information does not count as a page)

Your audience will be your peers or your family members. You are either making them have a healthier life style or change their point of view on how they can help the community.

You can be as creative as you want, add videos, pictures to illustrate your topic. Also you can incorporate online applications that they can use as tools.


Once complete upload your powerpoint presentation under the Assignments.

Grading will be on based on the following 100 points

Your grade will be based on the following:

100-90 – Presentation is thorough and thoughtful, using good grammar, spelling, and punctuation

89-80 – Presentation is thorough and thoughtful but has some grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation errors

79-70- Presentation has some information  but is not  thorough and uses good grammar, spelling, and punctuation

69-60- Presentation is not thorough  some grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation errors

59 –below – Topic is not thoroughly thought out or copies portion of answer from another workshop attendee

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