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1) Analyze and explain the definition of what Drucker coined as the “knowledge worker”.

2) Succinctly explain, Theory X and Y

3) What do these have to do with TQM?

4) What is the inherent flaw in TQM according to Drucker?

5) Explain in your own words Drucker’s 6 recommendations Pg 218

6) Knowing how to motivate is directly correlated to knowing your people according to Drucker; elaborate on how this is accomplished – pages 219-221

7) Being satisfied with a job goes beyond the external motivators and involves 5 intrinsic motivations- page 229– What are they- and how can a strategic leader immediately, at little to no cost, improve the motivations of their teams and subordinates. Specifically, provide an example of how you would put these into action in building the culture.

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