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Organizational Development

Organizational Development

An organization mainly deals with the provision of services; it can either be for profit or charity. In the case of Charity works, profit is the least factor considered. However, it is necessary for any organization to consider its structures and behaviors for it to be successfulOrganization development is a strategically made plan aimed at increasingthe firm’s effectiveness so as to achieve its goals and objectives (Burke, 2005). It deals with the change of structure and behaviors.

‘Efforts to Change the World’ is a young non-profit organization that aims at making the universe a better place. It mainly works on issues dealing with environment and poverty matters. We work on creating awareness on environment matters and giving platforms for people who love making positive change. Money raised in fundraising events is used to stabilize underprivileged families. I am an active member in this organization and have realized that there is a need for change in our young firm. There are several indifferencesbetween team members due to leadership problems

The reason why I have chosen this organization to be changed is the fact that the management system is not competent. The organizational infrastructure also needs to be restructured in terms of leadership and job allocations. The change is needed to meet the standards that are needed for any firm to be approved as an international organization. According to Wagner, (2010) the behaviors of the individuals working for the organization should be competent and should work towardspromoting good public relations. The best intervention that can be used is ‘The Management and Leadership Development Intervention’ which will focus on improving the type of leaders that chair our organization. It will also work on the skills that the members of the organization have through training and tough measures during selection. If the organization is able to adopt a proficient development plan and change the behavior concepts, it will be able to be successful in its endeavors. 


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Final Project

  • Using APA formatting requirements (12 point Times New Roman font, double-spacing, 1″ margins, title and reference pages), write a 1,500 word paper in which you diagnose a process/structure/environment in an organization that you’re familiar with (and that you chose in week 1 and have been researching during the term TOPIC: Organizational Development) and that needs improvement and design an organizational development (OD) intervention to achieve positive change.
  • In addition to your standard APA formatting requirements, your paper should include an Executive Summary which succinctly describes your recommended change(s), highlights of what will be required during the change process, and a projected timeline for implementation.
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