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Presidential Elections and Peaceful Transitions

“Presidential Elections and Peaceful Transitions”




In the first paragraph, describe three key campaign strategies that the next U.S. presidential candidate can use in order to ascend to presidency in today’s political environment. Provide 3 concrete examples to support your answer.




In the second paragraph, compare at least three such successful strategies that were used in the past by U.S. presidential candidates. Provide 3 concrete examples to support your answer.




Please make sure you respond to one of your peers initial posting and check back to see if you need to answer a response from the professor or another peer on your initial posting. Don’t just respond to your peer with “I like what you said”, or “I agree”, or “Good posting”. Your response to your peer should keep the discussion going by asking or inquiring further into what he/she stated.




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Vice Presidential Picks Part of US Election Strategies


Duration: (3:03)

User: voavideo – Added: 8/13/12


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Title: Hillary Clinton Says She Used One Email Account for “Convenience”

Date: Mar 10, 2015

Duration: 00:04:07

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