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Recovery and Retention

Unit Assignment: LearnScape | Recovery and Retention

Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:


Evaluate research-supported strategies for efficiently assessing and measuring marketing potential.

Assess various marketing tools and compare their advantages and disadvantages.


The main Urgent Care Facility within the Health Care System has experienced a marked decrease in returning customers. In this LearnScape, you evaluate the patient experience with the facility from appointment scheduling through the visit with the staff and physicians. The patient experience evaluation elements include clinical, process, and environmental elements. Based on this information, you will recommend operational changes, if appropriate.



An organized analysis of the data and the recommendation will be sent to the instructor for grading.

You will e-mail your recommendations for improvement to James Melbourne in an e-mail.

Analyze the information you have gathered in an organized manner and create a 350-500-word recommendation to James Melbourne. Your recommendation should include:

  • A service delivery gap analysis and how to create customer value at the urgent care facility.
  • The role the frontline personnel and their role in high quality service.
  • Specific suggestions on how to improve the total patient experience at the urgent care facility.


Note: A blank e-mail is on screen, with the To field populated with James Melbourne. The Subject reads:

Confidential: Suggestions for Urgent Care Facility Improvements. You will type a recommendation, and click Send to send the e-mail. On screen, text appears when the message has been sent.


Chapter 6, “Step 3: The Strategy/Action Match” in your text.


Hillestad, S. G., & Berkowitz, E.N (2013). Health Care Market Strategy from Planning to Action (4th ed.).

APA expectations for written Assignments.

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