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What is unique about the work that makes it worthwhile?

Research Paper to include some biographical information about the author then begin to read as much analysis of your particular selection as possible. When you are ready to begin writing your research paper, the biographical information should be very brief as an introduction to your literature.

Keep in mind that the purpose of your paper is to critically analyze your chosen work, focusing on some aspect of the overall work that helps to define and unify a central argument. Possible research questions might include:

• What is unique about the work that makes it worthwhile?

• What technique(s) does the author use?

• What argument(s) are central to this piece?

• How effective are these argument(s)?

• What is unique about the way the writer presents these argument(s)?

• How do the writer’s techniques help define this piece as literature of importance?

These questions are not all inclusive but should serve as a guide as you are researching and reading.


Your finished paper should adhere to the following requirements:

  • 1500-2000-word scope
  • One primary source -“Everyday Use”Alice Walker
  • No less than three credible, academic secondary sources (research)
  • Correct use of in-text documentation and Works Cited page (MLA format)

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