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Create an argument that e-Health has significant economic benefits to its users

There are 2 DQ with two questions each. Please make sure that DQ 1 response to both question has a word count of 360 words, and DQ 2 response to both questions has a word count of 360 words. Also please include references as well.

Week 9 eActivity: Use the Internet or the Library to research a scholarly article on the trends surrounding telemedicine, tele-health and / or tele-care. Be prepared to discuss.

Discussion question 1 • Compare the key similarities and differences between the concepts of telemedicine, tele-care, and tele-health. Provide an example of how each method is affecting the quality of today’s health care services on a global scale. • Create an argument that e-Health has significant economic benefits to its users. Provide support for your argument.

Discussion question 2 • Suggest the stakeholder group that will benefit the most from e-Health. Provide support for your rationale. • From the e-Activity, determine a significant barrier to the advancement of e-Health models in the delivery of patient care. Suggest how this barrier can be minimized. Provide a rationale for your determination.

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