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Analyze Strategical differences

can you work on Analyze strategic difference part from the outline? The professor posted a comment on the side where we should talk about Cost Leadership vs. Differentiation and diversification.

c.       Analyze Strategical differences


i.      Marketing strategies


ii.      Price



iii.      Core values/Core competencies

The two companies are Taylormade v. Titleist


Once you have analyzed the industry, focus on each company’s strategy and performance over the last 5 years. Specifically, compare their key strategies. Strategies that you may consider are their business-level strategy (cost leadership, differentiation and focus), corporate strategy (diversified vs. nondiversified, related diversification vs. non-related diversification), and global strategy (mode of foreign entry-exporting, licensing, joint venture and wholly-owned subsidiary through acquisition or green field projects). Try to analyze the factors that drive the differences in strategies given that the firms are operating in similar environments.


It’s gonna be a 4-5 pages paper


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