Clarify goals

This plan can help you develop competencies needed to become effective leaders based on leadership theories, models and concepts explored throughout the course.·

 – Clarify goals


  •      – How will you measure results
  •      – What actions are required to achieve your goals
  •      – Analyze, prioritize, and develop your plan.



Format paper into the following five sections:

  1.    1. Background (apply relevant theories, models and concepts)
  2.    2. Introduction (yourself, your experience, background, and your organization);
  3.    3. Competencies and Behaviors (utilize self-assessments, blogs, videos, journals, etc.) Create a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  4.    4. Goals (what are your goals as a leader, consider SMART-Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeframe)
  5.    5. How will you monitor progress and success (consider what barriers or challenges you face, what steps you will take to overcome challenges) and ways to monitor your progress?


Referencing – Walter Natemeyer and Paul Hersey Classics of Organizational Behavior fourth edition (need at least 6 references)