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Why did the U.S. government support this endeavor in a developing country?

Prepare and submit of an essay of 1750 to 2000 words (with a typical font and double spacing, this will be between 7 and 8 pages). Your assignment should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document file. (If you cannot submit your file in in Word, please discuss other options with your mentor before submitting your first assignment.)

Your essay should answer all the following questions. Be sure your answer is complete and that your writing is organized, clear, and grammatically correct. Properly cite any outside sources of information, including your textbook, in proper APA style.

  • Review the Danzoll article (“West Georgia Community Mobilization Initiative”). Why did the U.S. government support this endeavor in a developing country?
  • How successful, in your opinion, was the project? What reasons can you propose for its success or failure? How sustainable are its achievements and milestones likely to be for future communities?

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