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How is community both antithetical to and supportive of individuality in the works we’ve read this semester?

TOPIC: How is community both antithetical to and supportive of individuality in the works we’ve read this semester? You can define community in any way you see fit, be it family or “society” or humanity.  The central text for this assignment should be Go Set A Watchman.  First decide what aspect of the individual in relation to his/her community you wish to focus on.  The novel is obviously about race, but it’s also about family dynamics, and about regional identity, and about generation gaps.  And all of the texts we have read have been about multiple concepts like that, all contemporary concerns.  

Decide your focus.  How would you present this novel in the context of the other works we’ve read?  Include at least 4 of the authors in total. 

You may do this in a standard term paper format, or you can choose another format such as power point and include materials such as links or images.  If you use prezi, please send a direct url link.  This is a pretty ‘open’ assignment.  You have to choose how you want to present your thoughts on this subject, as well as what those thought are. All I ask is that you use complete sentences, no bullet lists.  And INCLUDE DIRECT QUOTES, let the pieces of literature speak a bit for themselves as you present them. Think about what you think about the topic presented and how best to represent your thoughts most effectively.

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