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How does personality develop and evolve over a life span?

  1. How does personality develop and evolve over a life span?

    Throughout this unit, you have learned that numerous issues directly impact one’s development over a life span. In fact, much research is present which supports the fact that childhood experiences have direct correlations with adult behaviors.

    For this assignment, you are to design a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, not including the title and reference slide, in which you examine how an individual’s personality grows and evolves over a life span. Your presentation should include details from conception through death. You must utilize the CSU Online Library to identify a minimum of one peer- reviewed article which specifically addresses personality development and the various influences on such, including genetic, environmental, and cultural factors. While examining the article, you must describe the author’s primary purpose? What evidence is present to support the researcher’s findings? Which implications are shared that reveal the impact on life experiences? Additionally, you must integrate the information covered in the textbook as well.

    Tips for designing your presentation:

  • –  Slide #1 – Cover Slide
  • –  Slides #2-#11 – These slides provide specific details that cover one’s personality development over a life span,

    including genetic, environmental, cultural, and innate factors.

  • –  Slide #12 – References 

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