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Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plan

You will use the project scenario you worked on in Unit I. In addition to the Unit I information, your boss has given you a budget of $7 million to complete the projects you have on the table. You will be working with the marketing department, the IT department, and the school-level division department throughout the next three years in order to complete these projects. Also remember that you do not have all the resources you need for the multi-media project.




The textbook revisions and Engineering project come from your department and use writers, editors, and, instructional designers. The writers and instructional designers must rewrite the textbooks and send them to the editors. The final products are then sent to the publishing department.




The task force project will include instructional designers from your department, (some of the same ones who need to work on the textbook revisions), marketing associates, the manager from the education department of your company, the IT manager, a person responsible for writing the proposal, and an expert from your company in the areas of Business, Criminal Justice, English, and Psychology.




The multi-media project will require the best resources you have including your best instructional designer, writer, and editor; your in-house Biology expert; the IT Manager; and a media consultant from outside the company.




Your assignment should be at least 300 words in length.


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