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How will you measure the progress and effectiveness of the plans?

Develop a case study or, preferably, refer to one that is known to you but change names and any specific identifying information that involves a person with an addiction.

Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper that addresses the following:



  • Include details of the history of the addiction.
  • Include a family, educational, and social history.
  • Apply SAMHSA’s five objectives for assessment on p. 84 of Foundations of Addiction Counseling.
  • What assessment measures would you recommend to assess the severity of the addiction? Why would you choose those particular ones?
  • Have you addressed the full spectrum of problems for which treatment may be needed? Are there additional mental health issues in addition to addiction that need addressing?
  • What are the recommended interventions?
  • What family or significant persons would you include? How would they be included?
  • How will you measure the progress and effectiveness of the plans?
  • Refer to “A Case Study of William” for guidance, on p. 180 of Foundations of Addiction Counseling.

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