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Setting Your Career Targets Prior to Starting a Career Search

Topic: Setting Your Career Targets Prior to Starting a Career Search

This post should contain 3 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: Career Target. Describe the job that you feel is ideal for you right now. One that matches your qualifications, meets your salary and work environment expectations, and provides a challenging opportunity. (You may have more than one in mind but focus on one job for this assignment.)

Paragraph 2: Stretch Target. Describe the “hard-to-get” dream job that you would like to get in the future. It might be one that is highly competitive, has exceptional salary benefits packages, or is in another desirable location.


Paragraph 3: Contingency Target. Describe your “back-up plan.” This job would be one you could easily get; it could even be one for which you are overqualified or for which you have a reliable, available contact. It is your “safe bet” and not your first choice for salary or work environment.

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