Strategic communication situation

I have an assignment that’s due by midnight tomorrow (8/23/15). It was a two-part assignment (first part is pretty much completed). I will need a power point presentation finished, as well as completing questions for the assignment.

I have already completed first part of the assignment (which was assignment 1 – will attach both the powerpoint presentation and assignment 1)


Assignment 2: Compelling Professional Presentation

Due Week 7, Day 7 (Weight 20%)

Becoming a great presenter gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself and grow within your career. Compelling presentations have the ability to move ideas forward, build strong reputations, impress senior management, and most importantly increase personal confidence and access to roles and responsibilities that stretch professional development.


For this assignment, you will design and deliver a compelling professional presentation based on the strategic communication situation from assignment 1. This is an opportunity to put into practice the techniques and methods learned thus far to improve your presentation ability. Use your strategic communication plan from the previous assignment to inform your presentation approach and the criteria under “messaging strategy” to develop a messaging strategy appropriate for a presentation. Following the presentation, there will be a brief Q&A period led by the instructor to evaluate your understanding and application of communication principles and strategies.

The instructor will work with you to reserve a time in week 7 to present, or you may choose to record yourself and submit the presentation electronically. Please keep in mind that if you choose to submit a recorded presentation, you will also need to submit answers to the Q&A questions.

Presentation Criteria:

• Verbal Presentation (5-8 min.)

o An effective opening was used (clear objective, attention grabbing, WIIFT, credibility,

authentic voice, novelty/story element).

o A preview is provided (outline, etc.).

o Main points are stated clearly and are limited.

o Main points are presented logically and supported.

o Strong transitions are used.

o Interest is kept high (delivered with energy, enthusiasm, novelty, and/or interesting

stories or statistics).

o The closing is effective.

o The presentation was targeted, clear, and persuasive.

o The presentation was delivered within the timeframe of 5-8 minutes.

• Visual Aid (e.g. PPT, Prezi, flipcharts, handouts, etc.)

o Supported the presentation’s objectives.

o Added interest, variety, and impact.

o Clear, highly professional appearance, and free of grammatical and spelling errors o Used in a seamless, non-distracting manner.