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Business Case Planning

HELP. I am not feeling well and need to post TWO detailed discussion posts by 11:30 PM EST.


The discussion posts, 2, are a critiques of two other students posts (attached). Also attached, are some of the class’s reading material for the week, which the professor would like to see some items referenced from. Here are some more details:

Review the Week 1 & 2 readings, paying special attention to “Business Case Planning.” From those readings, identify 3 or more points of analysis that can be used in a critical analysis for Case Study #1. Here are some suggestions:

  • Business Drivers for the Use of IT Best Practices (risk and risk management)
  • Best Practices for Acquisition and Implementation of IT security products and services (managing supply chain risk)
  • Business Benefits of IT Security products and services (defend against theft, fraud, etc.)
  • Why an organization should invest in IT security technologies (profit & loss, protect reputation, maintaingood will )
  • Where an organization should focus its attention & why (investments in people, processes, or technologies)

There is no length requirement, only the following: Clear, concise, and thorough critical analysis of both Case Studies (3 or more points of analysis).

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