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Explain to your manager how the solution you have identified will be implemented

Library Research Assignment

You work as the senior network engineer for a medium size organization. The company has offices in Miami and Los Angeles. The network as now has connectivity between locations. Many interoffice phone calls are placed between locations each day, and the organization realizes that it is spending a very large sum on a monthly basis for communication. Your boss approaches you. He wants you to research a solution that will eliminate the toll charges to the company and still allow for data communication across the wide area network (WAN).

Research a solution and explain your findings in a 2–3-page document. Utilizing the online library, the Internet, and all course materials, complete the following:

  • Explain to your manager how the solution you have identified will be implemented.
  • List the benefits of the solution.
  • Ensure that this solution will eliminate all interoffice toll charges.
  • The design and the implemented solution should not adversely affect the network performance across the WAN.
  • Diagram your proposed network layout.

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