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Develop a sampling plan for the bakery

As in the marketing research process, there is a logical process to develop a sampling plan. In the case of DiVito’s Italian Bakery, there are a number of different ethnic groups that could be selected as part of the population to sample along with the original target group of Italians. These are diverse groups with different cultural characteristics.

Develop a sampling plan for the bakery considering the following:

  • The geographic area of Brighton is naturally segmented by ethnicity
  • The type of sampling you will use if the various ethnic groups do not fit this geographic profile
  • Whether each ethnic group needs a different sampling plan
  • An explanation for your choice of sampling plan
  • The ethical aspects that need to be considered in the sampling plan

Note: State assumptions made as to the location of the subject groups in the scenario to help you with your response to the assignment (e.g., a certain ethnic group living in one section of the city).

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