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The Growing Use of Prescription Drugs among Teens

You are to use the SAME topic as Assignment 1 but as an APPLICATION piece

  • RESEARCH not Opinion
  • You will use the 5 references from Assignment 1 PLUS 3 ADDED REFERENCES
  • ALL papers must be done in the APA format.
  • Do not write this paper in first person (do not use the words I, mine, my, myself, me, we, us, ours, ourselves)
  • As you write your paper, give a VERY BRIEF review of your topic, then begin answering questions/items from Assignment 2, at the end write a short conclusion
  • 800-1200 words

Topic: The Growing Use of Prescription Drugs among Teens

In Assignment 2: Application, you will address the same issue from an applied perspective:

What is being done to address this problem?

Is there a consensus about how to improve this problem, or is there a great deal of controversy?

What solutions have already been tried for this problem?

How successful have these solutions been?

What are the barriers to solving this problem?

What resources are available in YOUR community to deal with this problem?

Future approaches to the problem

How will this problem be addressed in the future?


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