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Can the organization implement a generic version of the tech or will it require changing processes that exist currently?


(Note: Topic/technology must be approved in advanced by professor)

This is a research project and should focus on a topic (perhaps a new technology) that is of interest to you and/or your organization.  The point of this project is for your group to research the topic/area and take that conceptual research you have performed and extrapolate it into a tangible scheme of how that tech/topic/area might be used in the business environment – in particular organizations your team is personally involved .  As with our common theme throughout the class – security – your work should include the potential security issues with the topic and as managers on the implementation team what recommendations you would make to mitigate those risks.

Some things to think about while you are working on the project:

– Can the organization implement a generic version of the tech or will it require changing processes that exist currently?
– What are the costs and benefits of the topic/tech and how those will be measured (use model from your finance class)?
– How will this be implemented in the organization and what steps should be taken to insure a smooth implementation?
– Is this topics/tech readily available in the marketplace or will there be development required?
– Are there security issues associated with this topic/tech? Perhaps it solves current security problems?

Structure of the paper (only a suggestion):

Executive Summary~150 words

Introduction (Statement of Work)1 pages

Literature Review/Definition of topic (tech)5 pages

Organization use & Implementation 3 pages

Special security considerations2 pages

Costs & Benefits (Estimated/projected)2 pages

Conclusion & Recommendation1-2 pages

References (written, web, interviews)

Project/Case Study:

The project will be an individual or team selected/professor approved current topic on information technology and how it relates to the business environment and your organizations in particular.  Topics should be of current interest to IS managers in today’s business organizations.  The group is responsible for researching that topic to obtain background plus the most current information available, obtaining real-world example of the topic’s use in business, and presenting the topic to the class so each student share the knowledge obtained. This research oriented project will be discussed in depth during the first session.

Team members are expected to participate equally in the projects and will evaluate their peers within the team. 

Grades will be a combination of the quality of the research, written papers, and class presentations.


At the time of the group presentation (TBA), each group should present the professor with written results of their work.  There is no preset length for this work but it should be inclusive of the work completed yet concise – suggestions will be made during the first class.   Additionally, each individual/group should be prepared to conduct an oral presentation of their topic.  It is up to individual/groups to decide what and how to present.  The presentations will be time limited (up to 20 minutes).

It should go without saying that all material – oral, visual, or written – should be completed in a professional manner.  Works that are not professionally presented, e.g. spelling and grammar mistakes or sloppy, will not be accepted or graded.  Also note that any material used during the group’s work should be referenced at the end of the paper.  

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