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Discuss how Ford viewed and communicated with his employees

Part A)

Discuss how Ford viewed and communicated with his employees. Which organizational approaches to management and motivation does Ford exemplify? How did he organize his people and lead within the company? From what you’ve learned, do you think you would enjoy working within this company culture? Explain. What kind of influence did Ford have on U.S. society at large? How come?


Instruction: watch segments 13-16 (or 29 minutes in until 38:19 minutes in to the program) link below








Part B)


Briefly describe Muzio’s main points. Do you find them valuable? Why or why not? Remembering Ed Muzio’s message, try to conceptualize what a diagram of Ford’s streams of communication might have looked like. What were the channels of communication he used and who were his different audiences (who were the different people he communicated with)?


Instruction Video: Burn your organizational chart by Ed Muzio





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