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Active Filter Design Techniques

Active Filter Design Techniques

  1. Refer to Chapter 6 in the text as needed.
  2. Using the Fast, Practical Filter Design technique presented in section 6.3 design the following.  Be sure to show all work for full credit.
  1. Low-Pass Filter with critical frequency = 10kHz.
  2. High-Pass Filter with critical frequency = 10kHz.
  3. Narrow-Bandpass Filter with critical a band of 100kHz
  1. Create a MultiSIM schematic of each of your designs.  Provide a screenshot.
  2. Perform a simulation of each design to demonstrate the filter behavior.  Take a screenshot.
  3. From your simulation and screenshot in the above step, what is the gain in dB at the critical frequency for the low-pass filter and the high-pass filter?  What is the bandpass of the bandpass filter, and how did you determine it?
  4. If you were to implement your high-pass filter in hardware, what considerations would you need to take into consideration?  How would these considerations impact the performance and the extent to which you would meet specifications?  Be specific!  Provide specific examples of the issues you would encounter based on your specific initial design and actions you would need to take to finalize your design.  Is there anything you would have done differently to create your initial design in step 2 above if you had thought about an implementation in hardware from the beginning?
  5. Include all your calculations and screenshots in a Word Document with the title: “HW2_StudentID”, with your student id substituted in the file name.  Show all work for full credit.
  6. Upload file “HW2_StudentID”

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