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Choose a goddess found in any culture in any region of the world and Explain her place in the culture,

Choose a goddess found in any culture in any region of the world.  Explain her place in the culture, her areas of concern, and any other important information about her.  Either briefly describe how she interacts with humans or share an important story about her interaction with humans.  Then, find three comparable versions of that goddess.  These versions can be from other myths, cultures, or even modern appropriations of the goddess for corporate or other non-mythic purposes.   For each of these three versions: (1) explain the function of the goddess; and, (2) briefly compare each of the three versions to the original.


For example, you might choose Aphrodite as your main goddess and explain her role in Greek myth and culture. You would summarize two or three myths that illustrate her primary functions. You might then select Venus, Inanna and Devi, explaining their roles among the Romans, Sumerians and Hindus respectively. You would then illustrate how the four goddesses are alike and how they differ.

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