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Taking Sides and Collaboration by Ronald Hardwood:

Taking Sides and Collaboration by Ronald Hardwood: Both Taking Sides and Collaboration by Ronald Harwood have been written with such intentional
ambiguity that taking the ethical, political, or cultural “side” of an individual protagonist in each work is essential to
the process of making the texts comprehensible. Using evidence from the selected text, support the ethical, political,
or cultural superiority or acceptance of the protagonist of your choice in either (A) Taking Sides or (B) Collaboration.

If possible, discuss how existentialism is found in the reading.

Characteristics of paper: copious quotations from the reading, complete and lucid definition of terms, extended and
logical development of themes and ideas under scrutiny, consistent use of detailed examples from the films or
works under discussion, abundant evidence that the reading is being integrated and supplementary research
sources are being employed–a rich, extended, textured, and nuanced presentation.

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