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Watch the movies “The Gilmore Girls (Season 1, Episode 1 & Pushing Daises (Season 1, Episode 1) ” also I will be uploading you some readings. Also, read Gerig, Chapter 5. (Text): Romantic vs. Screwball Comedy: Charting the Difference, Wes D. Gehring (ISBN: 0-8108-4424-9) Here is what I need is for you to answer these questions in three paragraphs NUMBERED with each paragraph containing at least 90 words in each. (Questions for #1 Paragraph): Johns and Smith explain that The Gilmore Girls “established itself as a dramedy that indulges in an idealized world, a fictional utopia known as Stars Hollow” (23), which corresponds with the classlessness and play of the screwball comedies. What other characteristics of the screwball comedy do you see in The Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies? (Questions for #2 paragraph): Johns and Smith explain that in The Gilmore Girls “[t]hroughout every relationship in the show, communication through fast-paced talking and quick quips becomes an essential element of the narrative structure” (25). This is true in Pushing Daisies as well. How does the speed of speech work with the speed of the narrative to set the tone of these two shows? (Questions for #3 paragraph): Johns and Smith raise the question “why are these Gilmorisms so significant?” In the wide range of shows now on television, The Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies have been two of the only shows in recent memory that feature contemporary versions of the fast-talking dame. How does this style carry over into contemporary culture? How are they similar to classic fast-talking dames and how do they differ? Why are the significant within the wider context of popular culture now and then?

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