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The Egyptian love poems to discuss instances of the usage of imagery

Have the homework, it is an essay. make sure you follow the dreaction. first you will read these 7 biges

please DO NOT plagiarism at all. Also these should be clear and strong


the Egyptian love poems to discuss instances of the usage of imagery. Imagery refers to the mental pictures or sensory impressions created by the words used by an author, narrator, or persona in a work.  Additionally, you will cite (in MLA format) from the text instances of imagery that address in three body paragraphs:

Body Paragraph 1


–Concrete (appeals to the five senses)

— Abstract (describes mental and emotional states)

Body Paragraph 2

Cosmic Dualism

Opposing forces bringing balance

–Union of Opposites

–Doctrine of Extremes

Body Paragraph 3

The Participation in and Continuation of Life

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