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To cross-cultural and/or intercultural communication:

To cross-cultural and/or intercultural communication: 1. For the main point, find one personal experience relevant to the topic. You should find personal experience evidence that support and/or contradict your main point. For personal experience evidence, interview people, observe interactions of others or provide your own experience.
2. Summarize each empirical research paper (you have found for the 1st assignment) in your own words in 3-4 paragraph(s).
Review and summarize the 2 empirical research studies by examining
a. Problems raised (hypotheses addressed or research questions posed);
b. Methods used (subjects, procedures);
c. Findings reported (results about relationships between/among variables studied); do not
simply indicate that a hypothesis was supported; state clearly what was found (and, if necessary,
what this means in ordinary language).
d. Theoretical explanations offered for the results obtained;
e. Limitations of the research (any criticisms you have concerning factors limiting the findings

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