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Why is or isn’t it acceptable for a for-profit company to profit from poverty?

By definition, corporations are driven by profit and the goal to maximize shareholder wealth. That purpose is often cited as the primary reason why organizations cannot include CSR in their corporate strategy. Yet, there are many examples of leading multinational corporations (MNCs) that are engaging in socially responsible programs.


Read the case study from the textbook on Unilever. Examine Unilever Global’s Sustainable Living Plan, at:

In a well-written paper, address the following:

  • Why is or isn’t it acceptable for a for-profit company to profit from poverty?
  • Briefly outline Unilever’s commitment to deliver products to people at the “bottom of the pyramid” (BOP).
  • Explain whether Unilever’s plan is CSR, strategy, or both.


  • Support your response with at least three scholarly articles that are not recommended or required readings in this course.
  • 4-5 pages APA format Title and reference page

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